I’ve changed my Etsy shop to focus on Handmade Party Decorations; therefore, I’m willing to sell yardage of any of the fabrics shown below.  Please contact me at QuiltedCupcake AT gmail DOT com if you’re interested in purchasing yardage.


 Super Hero Fabrics OneSuper Hero Fabrics
Super Hero Fabrics: SH1: Batman Mosaic;  SH2: Marvel Comics Break Through;  SH3: Marvel Comic Books;  SH4: Marvel Characters on Blue

Super Hero Fabrics Two

Super Hero part 2 Final
SuperHero Fabrics: SH5: Spiderman;  SH6: Thor;  SH7: Captain America/First Avenger; SH8: Wonder Woman/BatGirl/SuperGirl on Pink; SH9:  Superman
Star Wars Fabrics
Star Wars Collage
Star Wars Fabrics: SW1: Blue and White Mosaic;  SW3: Star Wars Fighters  I DO NOT HAVE the Blueprint fabric anymore 🙂


Cat Fabrics
Cat Fabrics: C1:  Cat breeds on yellow; C2:  Fun Cats on white; C6:  Retro cats on pink stripe – I’m out of the others shown.








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