Epson Label Works Printable Ribbon Maker Product Review

The Epson Label Works ribbon printer is a relatively new addition to the company’s product line.  It does exactly what it says it will- allow you to make customized ribbon for any project!  I recently had the opportunity to take one out for a test drive.

Here’s what comes in the package:  a nifty little printer and two ribbon cartridges.  Additional ribbon cartridges are also available to match your projects.

Epson Label Works








The label printer runs on batteries, making it very convenient to use The Epson Label Works printer wherever you are.  The cartridges just slide into the back, making changing them very easy.  A nice feature is that the cartridges are clearly labeled with the color of the ribbon and the color of the printing, so you know what you’ll be printing.  And, if it’s already in the printer, there’s a window so you can see what’s installed.  I love smart product design!

After reading the directions (OK, sorta, just when I wanted to try out new features- it’s very easy to understand), I was able to easily create a variety of different printed ribbon projects.  Below are a few examples.  I started with making some tags for items I sell in my Etsy shop.  That was pretty cool – to get instant personalized branding labels.  I also made some personalized ribbon-topped paper clips for my new planner obsession!

Planner Girl Ribbons








Then, I got fancy and added some of the built-in graphics and changed the fonts up.  It was a quick and easy process.  So, I made a bookmark for my planner by printing ribbon and adding a cupcake to the end.

Planner Girl Ribbon

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I can see multiple uses for this neat little printer.  If you’re hosting a baby shower or wedding shower, it would be the perfect tool to add personalized ribbons to invites or favors.   Or, how about a birthday party with ribbons to mark each favor bag?

You can find the kit at Amazon for about $50.  Visit the Epson site for videos, projects and all the details.

Disclosure:  I received an Epson Label Works ribbon printer in order to complete this review.  The opinions expressed above are all mine.   🙂


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