Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Project: Etsy Shipping Station

I ship Etsy packages a few times a week, and until recently, I simply pulled out the supplies each time and used the dining room table to work.  It was OK, but also usually ended with supplies left in the wrong place, or general clutter on the table or any flat surface.

I found the answer to this clutter mess with a $12 thrift store find.  I call it my “ugly” cabinet.  What she lacks in form, she makes up for in function.  I loved all the cubbies and the ability to close it up to hide the mess.  This was a job for Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I love the  Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.  It did a fabulous job turning this ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.   I don’t think another paint would have been up to the task!  No sanding, no priming, just right to the fun part – changing the ugly brown cabinet into a lovely cream cabinet that I love.

Yes, keen viewers will notice that the bottom of this piece is missing.  It was like that in the store.  I’m OK with it, as it allows me to store larger boxes underneath the cabinet, so it works for me.  The drawers hold my envelopes and shipping supplies.

Want to learn more about Annie Sloan paint?  Check out the website here, and my earlier post here.  In case you’re wondering, I haven’t found the time to tackle my bedroom set yet, but this project was a great way to test the process, and I’m feeling more confident of tackling the bigger job.


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