Dream Catchers for Parties, Room Decor or Nursery Decor

DreamCatcher Color Options

Added some new Dream catcher styles to my Etsy shop at QuiltedCupcake.com.  I love all the color combos my customers are choosing, so I decided to add new options to the shop.   I love to see pictures of how folks are using them in their home.  Here’s a shot of three dream catchers that started as decorations for a baby shower, and now live in the new baby’s room.

Nursery Decor Dreamcatcher

Other fun ideas: colors to match a Moana party, and pink and blue dream catchers for a boy/girl twin shower.  I love recycling and repurposing, so knowing that these decorations have a second life makes me smile!

Dreamcatchers by QuiltedCupcake (3)Dreamcatchers by QuiltedCupcake (18)

Looking for a custom dreamcatcher for your next party or as a room decoration?  Check out my Etsy shop for lots of options.  I’m always happy to make custom dream catchers.

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