My Favorite Knitted Project Ever!!

For my last birthday, I treated myself to a magical, wonderful ball of yarn from Knit Circus Yarns.  It’s a cashmere blend, and cost about $50, but it was SOOOOoooo worth it.

I used it to make the Holden Shawl, and it’s so delicious and soft that I can’t wait to put it on.  I even wore it to get my new DMV photo taken, because I wanted to see it whenever I showed my ID.

Such a great pattern, and knit up pretty quickly.  I even did some “proper” knitting techniques, like putting in a rescue line and blocking.  Wow, the blocking made all the difference!

It only took one ball of yarn, too!

My advice?  Treat yourself to a decadent ball of yarn at least once and see what a dream it is to work with, and to wear!






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