Handmade Card Ideas For Crafters

Handmade cards are one of my go-to crafty projects.  When I’m in a creative slump, making up a few handmade cards usually gets me going.  My BFF Donna and I make handmade Christmas cards each year, and it’s a tradition I cherish.  Besides, store bought cards are so expensive.  Goodness knows I have plenty of paper to use for cards.

I bought a Cricut Cuttlebug last year, and I love the texture and dimension I can add to my cards.  I also like sewing on my cards.   I promise it won’t hurt your machine. In case you’re wondering, I use my regular Janome 6300 to sew – and that’s my baby that I love!

2-IMG_9555 (1)   5-IMG_9565 (1)

I’ve been wanting to make a card with carnival tickets for a while, and I’m happy with this one I designed with happy primary colors and cupcakes:

Handmade Circus Card

Here are the embossed  cards using the Cuttlebug:

Birthday CardThank You Card

Looking for more DIY card ideas?  Please follow my Card Ideas Pinterest Board.  You can find it here.


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