Repurpose JDMM Magic Wand Tin into Cute Watercolor Storage

I’m in total love with Jane Davenport‘s new line of mixed media products.  I have just about ALL of it.  Even the packaging is lovely, and I refuse to throw it away.  So, I’m looking for ways to repurpose it.  For example, I LOVE Jane’s magic wand tin; however, I store my pencils in a cute jar on my studio desk for easy access.  I knew I’d find a use for the beautiful magic wand tin, so of course, I saved it.

I’m also loving the watercolors, and their tins.  However, combined with my Prima Marketing watercolors, I was having to switch between five different cute tins when watercoloring.

Had a Eureka moment last night after watching an old Ali Brown video about watercolors, and realized that the Magic Wand tin is PERFECT for storing half pan watercolors.

QuiltedCupcake Watercolor Tin

Want to do the same?  It’s easy.

  1. Use a sharpie to label the pans as you remove them from the smaller tins.  Helps with swatching/organizing later.
  2. Add a small piece of sticky-back magnet to each pan.
  3. Arrange them how you like in the tin (Yep, it’s magnetic!)
  4. Viola!  You’re done – you can even mix in the lid as it’s white.
  5. Optional step – create a new swatch chart.  Or, toss in your existing ones like I did.

So far, this tin is holding 60 half pans, with more room to grow.  I love having ALL of my watercolors in one place.  I’m keeping the original tins, which can still be used to hold the half pans for travel, etc.  In fact, the magnets will help to keep them secure in the mini tin.

Has anyone else figured out some cool Jane Davenport Mixed Media packaging hacks?  I’d love to see them!  Please add links or ideas in the comments.

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