Star Wars Crochet Kit – May the Force be with You!

For those living under a rock, today’s the day the new Star Wars film is released in the US.   The kids and my hubs are excited to see it.  While I’m not a big SW fan, I am a fan of my kids and hubs.  Which is why this new Star Wars Crochet kit was a great find.Star Wars Crochet

The kit includes the instruction book by Lucy Coillin, as well as the yarn and hook to crochet a Yoda and a Storm Trooper.  The directions are clear and easy, and cover  most of the key characters (a total of 12).

I’m planning to make at least a Yoda before Christmas – I’ll post pictures here.

You can find the kit on Amazon.

(Disclaimer: I received a review copy of the kit in exchange for my honest review).




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