Start Where You Are: Book Review

I love writing, and I’ve kept journals on and off since I was a girl.  Sometimes though, I get stuck.  I’m just not sure what to write about.   Or I get in a creative rut.  And I know that lots of people struggle with that, too.

Start Where You Are

I recently discovered a beautiful little book that’s a great help to inspire creative thought.  It’s called Start Where You Are by Meera Lee Patel.  It’s designed as a journal for self-exploration, and it pairs a beautifully designed quote with a journaling prompt.  The artwork alone makes this a beautiful book.  Soft watercolors, and gorgeous design.

start where you areIMG_0085


The prompts are all different – I love the variety.  Some are kind of easy, others require more thought.

I love what the author says in the introduction – “It’s impossible to follow a dream that has no shape or outline.”  She’s so right!   We need to define our dreams, and look inside ourselves to find what’s most important.

I’d recommend this book for anyone looking to do a little self-expression and exploration of your creative soul.


Disclosure:  I received a review copy of this book.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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