Burlap Craft Ideas

My amazing niece works for a local coffee house, and scored me these awesome burlap coffee bags.  They feature great printing and images.  I’m going to use them to make a decorative pillow and a table runner.

Here are a few burlap craft ideas, tips and tricks (Be sure to Pin this for later reference!).
  1. Did you know that you can machine wash and hand dry burlap to make it softer?  Ella Claire offers a step-by-step tutorial here.
  2. You can easily paint, stencil and stamp on burlap (can’t wait to try this!)
  3. The easiest way to cut burlap in a straight line is to pull one string all the way from edge to edge, then cut down the middle of the “ladder” that’s left.
  4. Burlap mixes well with other fabrics, including bright prints, geometrics and even lace!
  5. Burlap is now available in multiple colors, and even pre-stamped.  JoAnn has a great selection.  Lots of folks also buy it for cheap at Home Depot and Lowes (in the garden section)

I’ll share my projects when they’re all done.  Until then, here’s some inspiration — some of my favorite crafts using burlap.  Click on the links for more details on each.
Beach pillow, found at Boutique-de-la-mer
A burlap star found on The Douglas Family blog – who knew you could decoupage burlap?
Here’s a sample of a table runner I’d like to make via Confessions of a Plate Addict.
I just started a new Burlap Crafts board on Pinterest – check it out for more ideas!
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