Modern Log Cabin Tote

I spent a very productive Labor Day weekend making a bag that’s been in my head for months.  I call it the Modern Log Cabin tote, and it was inspired by this one by Sew Take a Hike, the wonderful blog that introduced me to my favorite quilt-as-you-go technique.  Penny’s bag was inspired by this one by Chase.


 Mine is a bit more bright, and I changed the pockets and lining a bit.
There are two pockets – one inside, and one outside.  Top is secured with a simple Velcro strip on each side.  After much trial and error, that’s my favorite purse closure.
I roughly followed the instructions Penny provided in her comments – each panel of my bag was 16″ tall x 22″ wide.  Sewed them together, added a 3.5 inch gusset (or Milk Carton Corners, as Happy Zombie Monica calls them – love that!)  My straps are about 32″ long, 2.75inches wide.  
Finished bag is so bright and happy, makes me want to shop, shop, shop.  (uh oh, that could be an unintended result there LOL)
I worked on it during a Twitter-hosted virtual sewing bee over the weekend, called Labor Day Sew-In or #ldsi – we updated each other on projects, gave design advice, and basically chatted and enjoyed quilting sorta together.  I really liked it – kept me motivated, especially when I was tempted to wander away.

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