Altered Pink Globe

Maps and globes have been very intriguing to me lately.  I’ve done a few map projects, and wanted to share one of my favorites – yep, a pink globe!  I’ve seen several floating around Pinterest and Etsy, but I wanted to make my own.  I found an old globe at a thrift store for $4, so I decided to give it a try.

My funky pink globe started out looking like this:

I spray painted the metal base and plastic stand with my favorite brushed nickel.  I used my Cricut to create a mask of letters – spelling out “explore”.  It was easy to feed black vinyl Contact paper through the Cricut.

After adhering the letters, I painted the whole globe pink.  Then, I added white accents with a natural sponge.  I added “always” in my own handwriting.  It’s not perfect, but I like it.

Here are some other views of the final project:

And, finally, my inspiration sources:

This one by Aestheitic Outburst

A pink globe (not sure of the source)
A word-filled globe by Shutterlovely

You can find more on my Globe & Map Ideas board on Pinterest.

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