Product Review: Machingers

I just bought my second pair of Machingers (pronounced Ma-SHEEN-Gers).  I loved the first pair so much, I had to get a back up pair just in case I lost the first pair.  And, now I can always have a pair in my “to go” bag for retreats, marathons, etc.

I use them mostly for free-motion stitching, but they were also helpful when doing the stitching on my Modern Log Cabin bag.  What’s great is that they are thin and lightweight.  Just the fingertips are rubberized.  And, they fit.
I’ve tried using garden gloves or the Fons & Porter gloves.  None of them fit as well as these.  They were always floppy on my small hands.  Also, the lightweight fabric means your hands can breathe (that sounds weird, but so does “my hands don’t get hot in them”, so there you go.)
Machingers give me just enough grip and control without adding bulk.  They’re comfortable, and I can’t recommend them enough.
Here are a few places that sell them online (I bought mine at my LQS):
DaystyleDesigns – love Leah Day, great blog!
Joann also has them – they’re online, not in stores
I’m working on a blog post all about sewing tips and tricks, but these are so great, they deserve a post all of their own.

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