DIY flowers & Spring Decor Ideas

DIY Spring Decor ideas have kept me super-inspired over the past week or so.  Here are a few more recent projects.

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First is a super-easy one.  Covered a plastic pot with book paper and Modge Podge.  The flower is made by sticking ordinary coffee filters into a plastic wiffle ball – both from the Dollar Store.  I left the bottom half of the ball empty, as it’s sitting so pretty in the pot.

Here’s a little spring bird wearing a jaunty hat I made (much better than the scary clown snowman, right?)  I made his little nest by rolling and hot gluing scraps from the burlap coffee bags my niece sent me.  (p.s. – Niki, I used jaunty there just for you!)
I’m finally using my vintage window from ReStore.  It’s a great place to display garlands I’m making in Spark the Event Online classes.
Anybody else ready for spring?  Any good sites to share with projects?  

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