Episode 7 notes – Traveling Crafter

Crafty Chica mentioned me on her blog ! How cool is that?

Here are tips if you want to make an artsy sewing machine:

Use a second-hand machine. I got mine for $15 at Goodwill. It works, but I don’t plan to use it. I could, but for me, it’s all show and no go.

Pick out your favorite embellishments. My machine includes charms, buttons, stickers, beads, jewels, puffy paint and a lip gloss cupcake. Use Tacky glue to attach. You may want to leave some areas (like the Singer logo) uncovered.

Take your time. I had to do it in stages. Lay it down on the table to do the front/back; otherwise, items slide around.

Dimensional paint: If you’re going to use the dimensional paint to outline things, do that as one step, and leave it dry for a day. If not, it messes up. It’s good for filling in any holes.

My Recent Travels

Phoenix, Arizona

35th Avenue sew and Vac

Here are my purchases:

Leesburg, VA

Old Lucketts Store

On the way to Tarara winery

Really Great Finds

Check out these funky chickens!

On a Whim Antiques

Four Shabby Chicks

Leesburg Antique Emporium

The Cottage

Tips for Crafting Road Trips

eQQuilt Professionals

QQuilter’s Travel Companion

My recent projects

Crocheted flower pillow – pattern from Rose Hips on Flickr

New dishcloth – cups and saucers

Thrifted Pillowcase with embroidered trim and crocheted border

2 new bucket bags

New Lanyard for my keys – cupcake patchwork

Working on the tossed nine patch with repro fabric, Eleanor Burns pattern

Tip of the Week

Never go to a new city without checking out the local crafting shops. Even on the busiest trips, you can carve out an hour. You’ll find local products you can’t find at home. You’ll add joy to an otherwise boring business trip!

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