Free Crochet Flower Tutorial

Crocheted Flowers are a great way to use up little bits of leftover yarn. They have lots of potential uses as an embellishment.  They look great on shirts, bags or hair bows. Or, add a stem and make a bouquet!
  And, they’re sort of addictive. 
  I’ve begun including them as a little thank you gift in my Etsy shipments.  
I worked out this little flower design, and wanted to share it with you.
Here’s the pattern:
QuiltedCupcake Crochet Flowers
  1. With center color, Start with a magic ring. (FYI, link to Magic Ring video)
  2. Chain 2, make 16 HDC (half double crochets) into the ring and join.
  3. Chain 1, make 1 SC (single crochet) in each HDC from previous round.  Join.
  4. Finish off center color, add in Outer color.
  5. Chain 1, make 1 SC in each SC from previous round. Join.
  6. *Chain 4, 1SC in next stitch*  Repeat all the way around.  Join and finish.
You can easily alter the look by increasing the number of SC rows you do in steps 3 and 5.  Here’s one with an extra row of SC in outer color:
Note: hook size doesn’t really matter.  I used an H and a J for these.    It’s another way to alter the look of the flower.  If it starts to curl up, just add an extra SC or 2 as you do steps 3 and 5 to make it lie flat.
No rights reserved – feel free to use this pattern as you wish.  I’d appreciate a link back to this post if you share it.  

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