Free Knit Hat Pattern and Ep. 18 show notes

Quilted Cupcake: LIVE  Here’s our booth from the craft fair.

Here are some of the vintage toys you can get from Back to Basics, or at Target, along with my Chatter Phone, that sits in my office.  Maybe all the time I spent playing with it as a child influenced my career – I spend a lot of time chattering.  Or, that could just be a DNA thing!
Here’s my Project Linus completed quilt – sorry for the bad pic.  I promise it’s really red, not orange – had to snap this one inside just before delivery!
Hat I made for my son – I’m very pleased with it.  I made up the pattern as I went along.  If you want to make one, it’s pretty easy – see pattern below.

Update on 12/3/09: This hat turned out to be smaller than I expected – about 20.5 inches (fits kindergartener, not my almost middle-schooler). I’m reknitting in a bigger size, and will post results.  I’m going to try casting on 124 stitches, and see what happens.  Also, note that I’ve found that my knitting tends to be tighter rather than looser.

Quilted Cupcake Hat Recipe:
One hank of Paton’s Classic Wool yields 2+ hats
Knit in Round on Size 5 needles (start with circular, switch to DPN)
Cast on 112 stitches, join (don’t twist!)
Work in K2P2 rib for 5.5 – 6 inches, then begin K all rows as you begin decreasing
Decreases: K8, K2T for one round
(any extra stitches at the end? Just knit them, it will work out – I promise!)
In between decrease rows, do a regular knit row
Continue decreasing by reducing by 1 the number of stitches between decreases.
So, second decrease row is K7, K2T, third decrease row is K6, K2T, and so on.
The last decrease row is K2T all the way around, then thread remaining stitches on a needle and fasten off.
Super easy!  And, I love the new colorway of the Paton’s yarn!
Here are podcast listener Karen’s Photos from her class with Kaffe Fassett
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Check back during the week for more pictures of projects underway!

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