Sewing Machine Table Tutorial Tips

Making a flush mounted sewing table to hold my Janome sewing machine was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and less expensive.  I started with this tutorial from Blue Dinosaurs, and adjusted it to work for me.  It’s a great idea, and well-explained.
Here’s my final product:

I decorated a sheet of poster board with vintage pattern envelopes, and slipped it under the vinyl table cover.  I can change it out whenever I like.
I’m thrilled with the final result, and the cost, about $125, including the $70 table.  
If you’re looking for a dedicated sewing table, I really recommend doing this.  It’s a dream to have all that room on the left side of my needle.
 Here are my tips for following the tutorial:
1.  Although you CAN do this by yourself, it’s much easier with another person, especially when holding and measuring things.  I was lucky to have hubby get involved, as he’s much better at woodworking, and more accurate when measuring.
2.  Use an all-wood table.  Not sure this would have worked, or at least been as easy, with a particle board or laminate table.  The Ikea INGO dining table is perfect.
3.  If you choose the Ikea table, be careful where you place the cut-out.  Mine was too close to the right side, making it necessary to re-work the design.  Another time when a handy hubby was a big help.
4.  Cover the table with vinyl, it will allow your fabric to slide better.  And, you can add decorative stuff under it, like I did.
5.  Cut a hole for the knee lift bar – I can’t sew without mine now!
For more details and the full story, check out my QuiltedCupcake Podcast, Episode 54.  Listen to learn why I’m sure I married the right man for me!
Here are some pictures of the process – click on any of them to make them bigger.  

Please let me know if you have any questions about the table.  I’ll be happy to help if I can.

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