Washi Tape Organization

Washi tape is bright, colorful and fun.  But it’s a bear to store.  I’ve tried several different solutions.  I started with the fish bowl full of washi.  But I found that was making it difficult to find what I needed.

On a recent trip to the Dollar Store (Dollar Tree is my new favorite hangout), I saw a chip and dip holder that I thought may be perfect for storing washi tape.  Turns out, I was right!  Look how cute and organized my washi tape is now:

twashi holde

The little center “dip” section holds the mini rolls and the outer “chip” ring is perfect for organizing the standard washi rolls.   This one chip server holds my whole collection (for now); however, if you’re a real washi tape addict, you could get several, and sort the washi by color.

I like that it’s sorta flat, and it’s less fragile than my old fish bowl approach.   Maybe I’ll use more washi tape now that it’s organized 🙂

Washi Tape Holder


How do you store your washi tape?



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