Flirty Skirty

Project Runway, Here I Come…..NOT!  So Not!  Heidi Klum would come running after me in a one-shoulder gown wearing her Jimmy Choos, wielding scissors, screaming No, No, No..

Style mavens notwithstanding, I’ve been having fun making skirts, and that’s what counts.  Heidi doesn’t ever have to know – unless my BFF Martha sends her this link 🙂

Anyhow, here’s another skirt I made with vintage sheet fabric.  This one is based on the Saturday Market Skirt in Sandi Henderson’s Sewing Bits and Pieces: 35 Projects Using Fabric Scraps
Because I’m a “bit” (ok, a foot or so) shorter than the model in the book, I went with only three tiers instead of four.  I liked how the pattern was written, that you use X number of squares for each section.  Your size determines the size of the squares.  Brilliant!
The pattern calls for a drawstring waist, but I decided on elastic to be more comfy (hey, I’m over 40 – it’s all about comfort now).  I also made the first tier a bit less full, and from one solid strip of fabric.   I also made an underskirt, so I don’t need a slip (see comfort note above).
I’m so excited that I’m still learning new things in sewing and crafting – wait till you hear what else I learned this week – I’ll talk about it on the podcast – promise!
Speaking of podcast, I’ve been curious – how many of my blog readers also listen to my podcast?  It’s no big deal either way, I’m just wondering.  To satisfy my curious brain, please take this little poll:
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