Easy Sprial Wreath

My front door needed a new wreath.  I loved the shabby chic one I made, but with the holidays approaching, it was time for an update.  I’m planning to use blue white and red in my Christmas decor this year as an accent.  I’ve seen tons of the Deco Mesh wreaths on Pinterest, etc.; however, I have a storm door, which limits the depth of any wreath I’m going to use.

After some searching, I found this tutorial by Miss Kopy Kat.  I liked her idea; however I made some modifications to end up with my own version:

Spiral Tulle Wreath


I used glittered tulle instead of deco mesh.  It’s more like fabric.  Of course, it was also a HUGE mess.  Despite several passes by my Pivot Vac, I’m still finding glitter on my studio desk, the floor, in my hair, on the dog.

However, I’m willing to suffer for my art 😉

Anyhow, the other modification I made was to only do two spirals per group, and only one layer.  It’s less bulky this way, and works on my door.

Oh, and of course, I also added a junk bow.  What’s a wreath without a cool junk bow?

Spiral tulle wreath (1)









It’s still sparkly (despite the amount of glitter it has already shed), and makes a big statement on my door.  And that statement is: “It’s the Holidays, Let’s Sparkle” LOL


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