Shabby Chic Rag Wreath Tutorial

Muslin and natural fabrics are a favorite of mine. Burlap, canvas and muslin all have such great textures. After a visit to the Old Lucketts Store Spring Market, I was inspired to make a shabby chic wreath using washed muslin. It was super easy, and fun to make. Love that I can put it on my front door (which gets A LOT of sun) without worrying about fading.

Rag Wreath Tutorial

Want to make your own?  It’s really quite easy.  I wrote up this Shabby Chic Wreath Tutorial to explain the steps – please feel free to Pin or share this tutorial on your blog, etc.

shabby chic wreath tutorial


  • 16 inch wire wreath form, like this one.
  • 3 – 4yards of unbleached cotton muslin, the more natural the better.  I like a type called Osnaburg – you can see the little flecks of cotton seed in it.
  • Burlap ribbon for bow


  1. Machine wash and dry the fabric.  This removes any sizing, and created a nice crinkly texture.
  2. Cut (or tear) the fabric into strips approximately 1.5 inches wide – no need to measure, just eyeball it.
  3. Cut strips into 7 inch sections (again, no measuring, this is shabby chic!)
  4. Tie the raggedy fabric all around the wreath, a section at a time.  Just one overhand tie – no double knot needed.  Fluff it as you go to see if you like how it looks.  You don’t have to really over-fill it.  The fabric fluffs up quite a bit, and easily covers the wire wreath base.
  5. Add a burlap bow, and a cotton tie for hanging.

Please let me know if you use this idea – I’d love to see how your wreath turns out!

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