Starting Family Traditions: Birthday Gift Idea

As my kids get older, they usually ask for gifts of money or gift cards for birthdays and holidays.  This year, my first son turned 22, and he’d already received a laptop before his birthday as his “real” gift.  But I wanted him to have something to open when we had cake.

So, I went to the bank and asked the cashier for 25 one dollar bills.  Then, I taped 22 of the bills (one for each year) together one after the other using Washi tape – a perfect use for my Washi tape stash- everyone knows it’s not too sticky!

Birthday Money Gift


A clothespin helped me to hold the bills together as I was working.  Then, I added a “pull me” tab to the top, also with washi tape.

I upcycled a Priority Mail box I had saved to hold the bills.  I tried making a box on my Cricut, but ran out of time before the party.  I saw the old box, and improvised.

Using an sharp X-acto type knife, I cut a slot in the top of the resealed box (it’s the size used to mail DVDs).  If I had more time, I would have decorated or painted the box, but time was not on my side.

I stuffed the whole stack of accordion-folded bills in the box, and let the “pull me” tag stick out of the hole I cut.  Then, I wrapped it like a present.

It was a big hit at the party, as he pulled and more and more bills spilled out.

Money box tutorialNow, if you know someone turning 99, it may be an expensive gift.  But otherwise, it’s a fun way to present a gift of money.  I think we’re going to turn this into a family tradition, but change the size of the box for each birthday so the kids will never know which is the magic money box.

family traditions


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