Halloween Project from Patrick Lose

It’s no secret that I love Halloween.  Pumpkins are a particular favorite.  I found this quilted wall hanging project by Patrick Lose in a Fons & Porter publication called Quilting Celebrations, Winter 2010 edition.

I made a few tiny changes to the original pattern.  I decided to use raw-edge applique with black thread rather than the heavier satin stitch suggested in the pattern.  I also added a button to the eye.  I can’t wait to hang it up!  

I’d never heard of Patrick Lose before, but I’ll definitely be checking out his work now.  There is a new issue of Quilting Celebrations coming out on 9/27 – I can already tell this one will have some great projects, too.  Check out the cover – I love that black cat!

So, please educate me, as I’ve obviously been living under a rock.  Have you done any Patrick Lose projects?  If so, please leave a comment, with a link if you can, so I can find more!

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