House Mixed Media Canvas

My obsession with Mixed Media projects continues.  Never fear, I’m still sewing, knitting and crocheting as well – I can never just do ONE thing.  In fact, I’m working on a crocheted pair of boot cuffs for my sis now.  Please follow me on Instagram if you don’t – lots of my needle projects are posted there!

This house mixed media canvas is one of those projects that was on my t0-do list forever – like at least a year or two.  Margie demonstrated one in a Spark Online class, and it immediately went on my list; however, I kept putting it off.  Now, I’m glad I jumped in and just did it.  It’s my favorite one so far. (You can click on picture to see it larger.)

Mixed Media Art Canvas

The quote says “Live Life in Full Color” – that sums up my philosophy pretty well!

I just love how mixed media allows you to use so many textures!  I’ve always been a texture junkie, even back when I was cross-stitching, I always added buttons or beads to my pieces to give them more dimension.

Here’s another one – a butterfly mixed media canvas.  This one may have had a little too much texture 🙂  But I do like how the butterflies jump off the canvas.  The quote is “With Brave Wings She Flies.”

Art Canvas

Here are links to a few of my favorite tutorials that have really helped me:

 Christy Tomlinson Scarlet Lime

House Canvas also by Christy

And, I now have a Mixed Media and She Art board on Pinterest, where you can find more inspiration.

I’m working on a post with some tips and tricks for newbie mixed media artists, so check back soon!

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