How to Make Arrows for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day craft ideas continue.  Lately, I’m obsessed with arrows.  Maybe it’s because of the Hunger Games? I loved that book series.  I saw several arrow crafts that I liked on Pinterest, and it got me thinking about how to make my own.  I used lots of materials from my studio, and combined them to make a variety of fun arrows.  See below for tutorial tips.

Arrow DIY

I’m displaying mine in a clear Dollar Store cylinder vase on my cabinet.  Please check back for the full view of the holiday cabinet display.

Make Arrows

Here are 10 tips for creating your own arrows: 

Valentine's Day Arrows

Tutorial for Arrows

  1. A thin wooden dowel is the starting point for most of my arrows – decorate them with paint, paper or spray with Color Shine or Perfect Pearls mist.
  2. Use hot glue to attach the tips and tails.  It’s fast and holds great.
  3. Felt is great for making the points and the feathers on the back.  Sew around them by hand or on the sewing machine.
  4. Book paper can also make a fun feather – use fringe scissors to add texture.
  5. Washi tape is great for decorating the arrows – use it to wrap the dowel, or to make the tails.
  6. Feathers of course are always a nice addition – you can find pretty pink ones at Joann and Michaels.
  7. Scrapbook paper also works well for tips and tails.
  8. I cut up a cupcake liner for one of the tails – nice crinkly texture.
  9. Dollar store finds are wonderful for these – most of my arrows feature two glittered foam hearts glued together for the tips.
  10. Valentine’s Day pencils or decorative straws also make great bases for your arrows.

You can find a ton more Valentine’s Day ideas on my Hearts and Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.

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