Mixed Media Art Canvas

Still working on some mixed media art canvases.  It’s surprising how much this process is like quilting.  Adding together many different pieces to create a new whole.  It’s closest to applique and art quilts, which I also love.  I’ve always been a fan of texture, and this is a neat way to explore texture.

She Art

This is my second attempt, using a “She Art” quote that I’ve always loved: “She designed a life she loved.”  I love how empowering that statement is.  If you don’t know about the book by Kobi Yamada, check it out here.  I bought it for myself around the time I formed my own company, and it is full of positive messages.

Here’s a closeup of some of the texture:

Mixed Media Canvas

Here’s my first true art canvas with a crumbled paper heart stitched onto a piece of cardstock.  Of course, had to add an arrow and a book paper flower my sis made. (I also shared this canvas on my Facebook page – please follow me there if you don’t already 🙂

Mixed Media Canvas Heart with ArrowThanks to Christy Tomlinson for her inspiring tutorials and videos.  I’ve watched several, and can’t wait to see more.  You can find them on her YouTube page or at My Craft Channel – Creative Backgrounds 1 and 2 are terrific for beginners like me.

I encourage you to think outside your creative box – it’s lots of fun.

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