Quilted Cupcake’s Sewing Machine

A few folks have requested that I re-post my Crafty Chica-inspired sewing machine, so here she is!  It started as a plain vintage Goodwill Singer sewing machine, that I decorated with some of my favorite things.  I use it as a decoration in my studio, and it always makes me smile!

Here are some tips if you’d like to create your own artsy sewing machine:

  1. Use a second-hand machine. I got mine for $15 at Goodwill. It works, but I don’t plan to use it. I could, but for me, it’s all show and no go.
  2. Pick out your favorite embellishments. My machine includes charms, buttons, stickers, beads, jewels, puffy paint and a lip gloss cupcake. Use Tacky glue to attach. You may want to leave some areas (like the Singer logo) uncovered.
  3. Take your time. I had to do it in stages. Lay it down on the table to do the front/back; otherwise, items slide around.
  4. Dimensional paint: If you’re going to use the dimensional paint to outline things, do that as one step, and leave it dry for a day. If not, it messes up. It’s good for filling in any holes.

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