Vintage Suitcase Mod Podge Upcycle

I found this vintage suitcase at a thrift shop several years ago.  It’s been holding books, hidden behind my couch.  I recently did a little reorganizing and decided the books hadn’t been opened in 2 years, so it was time to donate them.

Then, I had this lovely (much more lightweight) vintage suitcase a.k.a. a blank canvas.

vintage suitcase

At first, I couldn’t decide what paper to use.   I created an upcycled suitcase tutorial a few years ago with fabric, but wanted to try paper for this one.  I had lots of possibilities, then decided a travel theme would be best.  Mod Podge is perfect for this job!

And this is where being a memorabilia hoarder came in handy.  I’d been saving a map we used on our New York City adventure  in 2010. It got us all around the city, including the subways.  So, I added it to the suitcase with mod podge.  Then, I used a vintage atlas to pull out maps of some of my other favorite places – Chicago and of course Baltimore.

Vintage suitcase DIY

I also added some travel tags, and an Eiffel Tower to remind me of my upcoming trip to Paris in October.   Hubs and I are going for our 25th wedding anniversary – so excited!!  I’m not going to take this “for show” suitcase on the trip – instead, it’s going to be a new home for my travel memorabilia.

Vintage Suitcase Craft DIY


Any suggestions for crafty places to visit in Paris and London, please send them my way!


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